At SyS we are aware of the importance of the people working for us. As part of our search for excellence in the quality of our services, we place special emphasis on the selection of qualified staff and their constant motivation and training.

SyS is a company which offers Construction Work Inspection, Operation and Maintenance Services, and several other Services, specializing in the Gas and Oil Industries. The Company is presently made up of two management centers located in Argentina and Brazil, with the objective of expanding to other countries.

Given the nature of the activities we perform, we have personnel of different Latin American origin.

Constant quality improvement, organization, ethics and team work are the pillars on which our human resources are sustained.

Our aim is to create an enthusiastic work atmosphere, in which personal merit and potential, as well as support of our values are rewarded accordingly. That is why we analyze the individual skills and the needs that come up among our staff, which makes it possible to define training and development programs for each sector, and also opportunities of professional growth for every one of our employees.

At SyS we know that relying on highly qualified and motivated staff is a key factor to meet our objectives and provides a competitive advantage that results directly in our Company’s growth.

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